​With thousands of size, exterior fabrication, base and pole options, we are able to offer LED displays that will suit every message, aesthetic & budget.

Whether its the brilliance and impact of a full color 10mm  

or a striking, zone ordinance compliant, monochrome, 20mm  pixel pitch display.


 10mm Best for close viewing, High resolution.

 16mm Brightest and most popular for medium size displays and resolution.

 20mm Full color and monochrome for large and small sites to meet any budget.

 25mm most budget friendly full color display. 

All aluminum cabinet and Galvanized steel frame.

Designed for easy access, installation and service. 

LED chips are brighter and use less voltage.

LED chips are coated in epoxy resin for better UV protection

and resistance to temperature variations.


Software  is a free and easy download from the website.

It features auto resize for pictures and trim tool for video.

Makes editing quick and easy.  

Access to 500+ Animations, 1000+ Backgrounds

to help you begin creating your messages fast!

5 year warranty 

Livetech service and Quick support 

Extended service agreements available.


2910 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66611, USA



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